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I know how to create top-notch design solutions and strategies.


I am enthusiastic – as serious about play as about work – with diverse interests.


I believe “Simple is smart’. All works I do is committed to the cause of simplicity and distinct creativity.


I always strive to become critical thinker, over-achiever, with growing collection of capabilities.

Long story short

  • Recruitment Marketing 99%
  • Social Media Marketing 99%
  • Digital Marketing 99%
  • Digital Recruiting 98%
  • Employer Branding 97%
  • Web Design 95%
  • Email Marketing 95%
  • Graphic Design 90%
  • SEO 85%
  • Content Strategy & Storytelling 83%
  • Video Editing 75%
  • Market Research 70%

I was born in Sicily in 1984, attended the High School of Graphic Design and then at eighteen I enrolled at the University of Communication Sciences in Catania and thanks to the Erasmus Programme, I started to travel to discover and experience different cultures, languages and idiosyncrasies. At the age of twenty-five I became the National Representative of ESN Italy and during three years I constantly cooperated in the planning and management of more than fifty national and international meetings.

During this phase I started to become aware of the raising importance of social networks and really understood how beneficial they can actually result in the development and implementation of marketing and communication strategies. Through social networks, with the right strategy and high-quality contents adapted to the targeted market, a person, an event or brand can simultaneously be present in fifty countries and if you think about it… it seems almost magical.

At the age of twenty-eight, after spending a fully year implicated with ESN activities in France, and with the communication development and promotion of the art film festival “AYE AYE Film Festival” of Nancy, I returned to Italy to take up an intensive master in “Unconventional Marketing and Social Media”.

From 2012 until today I work in partnership with several companies specializing in social media strategies, either in the field of relationship marketing and business development strategies along with human resources actions of search and recruitment.

I have been working as Sourcing Specialist for the Digital Sourcing Hub powered by CPL Integrated Services, where I understood that being a Sourcing Specialist, it goes behind the mere idea of source, attract and recruit talented professionals through Social Media and advanced tools.

The Sourcer is a further extension of the recruiter soul. The sourcer is a marketer, researcher, data analyst, project manager, and an ambassador of the company brand. The future sourcer will be strategic and agile, working to breath at the same speed of new trends and pro-actively tracking the best talents of tomorrow. – Jim Stroud

Sourcing and interacting with candidates in English, Italian, French and Spanish, gave me the chance to create a stronger and more empathic connection with the candidate, which leads to their will to express the best of themselves in the professional as well as in the social context.

Finally, after 2 years working as Recruitment Talent Community Manager & Recruitment Marketing Consultant at the Center of Branding & Strategy of IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization where we work on many different projects across different industries and geographic regions.

I am currently Recruitment Marketing Manager at Davis Nolan (Poland) & Next Generation (Ireland), and Head Director at Inbound Talent where I design innovative talent attraction strategies leveraging inbound and digital marketing to increase your recruitment effectiveness and reduce the cost per hire with inbound talent attraction.

Recruitment Marketing is not about automating everything and reducing the workforce. But it is about increasing the effectiveness of the standard recruitment approach using consumer-marketing strategies, tactics, and approaches to more effectively “market” organizations and employment opportunities to potential candidates.

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